Silicone Medical Components At Work in the Body

View our special feature 'FMI In the Body' to see where FMI silicone components can be located in the body.

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Medical Silicone Molding

FMI manufactures silicone molded components for use in implantable medical devices. Get a quote for your custom silicone component.

medical silicone molding

Silicone use in both short- and long-term implantable medical devices continues to grow




China Manufacturing - When it Makes Sense


Is manufacturing in China a good option for your organization?  Learn the reasons why manufacturing in China may make sense for U.S. OEMs, along with the risks.

medical silicone molding

Silicone Extrusion Medical Device

  •    FMI already plans to break         into the silicone extrusion           space with the addition of           three new lines centered           around silicone tubing. 

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