Logistics / Distribution

Logistics / Distribution

Managing Inventory and Shipping 

FMI provides fast, reliable domestic and international shipping from its facilities in the U.S. and China, as well as warehouse and distribution services. 

We can handle production and logistics in accordance with your preferred system:

  • Managed inventory system
  • Kanban scheduling system (just-in-time production)
  • Push-pull inventory control system 


From our U.S. manufacturing facility near Chicago, Illinois, we ship throughout the U.S. by ground and air transportation, as well as to such overseas destinations as the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Our U.S. warehouse can also stock components manufactured in our China facility.


Our manufacturing facility in Suzhou China, we ship all over Asia, the Pacific, India, Europe, and North America. We are experts at handling the complexities of export zones, customs, and shipping schedules, which we coordinate to meet your needs. 

The Suzhou area is served by three airports, including two in nearby Shanghai, and high-speed railway lines. The Port of Suzhou on the Yangtze River trades with more than 400 shipping lines and is the busiest inland port in China.